Sunday, September 19, 2010

Congrats Monkey!!!

"Monkey" is one of Jason's best friends that he grew up with and has hunted with since they were little boys.  His real name is Jason also, and when they were younger the guys at the hunting camp gave them all nicknames, and well... "monkey" just stuck.  Anyways, last Sunday night, opening weekend of bow season, Monkey killed a ridiculously huge deer, so of course I want to blog about it.  Those of you who don't hunt... this is what Georgia hunters are trying to harvest everytime they step into the woods:
And, if anyone was wondering... he is SINGLE, and he does clean up well  :)  And, I don't even care if he kicks my butt for posting this on here hehehe.
Here are some pictures of him from our wedding... and he is good with kids hahahaha... this is his little huntin' buddy Cole
Now I'm just praying that he talks to me ever again after I post this... because I know someone is going to tell him it is on here.  Just for Jason's sake - he had NOTHING to do with this, so it's not his fault :)
We love you Monkey... and congratulations on the deer!!!

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  1. ohhhh bubba is def going to have something to say, haha. God love yall! he does need all the help he can get : )