Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steps in the Right Direction (Jason)

So this week has been a bit hectic, but VERY productive. Monday, we met with our new social worker (SW) from the home study agency (she is #2 as our first SW was pulled from all her cases for personal reasons). Let me tell you, our new SW is a prayer answered!! The meeting went a bit over schedule, which is the result of her playing catch-up from not having been the one who came for the first visit, but Britney and I both are extremely comfortable with this new addition to our journey. Both ladies we met with have been extremely nice, and it is very obvious from talking with them that their #1 priority is the children whom they effectively serve, but we just seem to click a little better with our new SW. Both were Christian ladies that seem well grounded, so that gives me a lot of confidence in their ability to make objective determinations about our family. The interesting thing about the home study is not so much the things that a SW learns about you, your life, and your family; it’s the things that YOU learn about YOU, YOUR life, and YOUR family. We have answered so many hard questions about who and what we really believe that it has really been an eye opener for both Britney and I not to mention good bonding time for us as well. Any of you reading this who have been thru this process should be able to relate. The more I go through this process, the more real the adoption becomes, as I see the passion and compassion in these women’s eyes for the children that they want to unite with their families.
We also mailed out our orientation packet to the agency yesterday!!! If you could see me right now you would see a fat boy jumping up and down in his chair like a 3 year old jumping on his parent’s bed!! We hadn’t planned on sending off this first payment (also didn’t think it would be an option) until the last week of September but apparently God had other plans, because he has made it all come together! We also didn’t know that it would be necessary to have this payment made in order for us to complete home study. This payment was necessary for the adoption agency to give us access to online course materials that will be necessary before our home study can been finalized. So God has provided for us to take the classes six weeks earlier than anticipated which puts us six weeks closer to meeting and bringing our child home! These are very exciting times to say the least, and thank you ALL for your continued prayer and support. We really couldn’t do it without you.

We are also growing ever closer to the yard sale of the year and we have gotten some really great items from people to sell. Please be praying that the weather is perfect (or at least not a torrential down poor). Thanks to all of you who have donated items to sell, or have offered your time and energy to make this thing happen. We will need some help setting up and getting everything to Mrs. Kim’s house that Friday, so anyone that is available to help we could certainly use it. Also, anyone that is interested, we will also be selling our shirts at the yard sale so that may be a good time to pick one up if you haven’t already. We have had pretty good success thus far with the shirts and really appreciate all of your contributions.

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