Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a Crazy Week...

Oh my goodness... we have been busy, busy, busy.  We just got back in town so I'm exhausted, so sorry if there are a ton of errors in this post (I'll be doing good if it just makes sense).  Before I post about our week, we have new adoption news.  Apparently something happened with our home study agency and they had to switch social workers on us.  I received a call on my work phone Friday, which never happens... I'm not really a big deal at work, so I don't really get many phone calls :-), so when our secretary told me I had a call I felt kind of excited and important, lol.  It was our home study agency, and they were informing me they were changing our social worker (s.w.).  My first thought was, "oh no, what the heck did we do?"  She then explained that it had nothing to do with us, but something had come up and they needed to assign us someone else.  She was extremely professional about it and apologized several times.  She said our first meeting would still count and we would just have our second two meetings with the new s.w.  Of course I didn't mind, the only difference to us was that we would have to reschedule our next meeting, which was suppose to be today (no big deal at all).  She told us our new s.w. was out of town and wouldn't be back until Monday (tomorrow)... well, within a few hours the new s.w. had already emailed us about the situation, her contact information, and a couple tentative dates for our next meeting.  Geez, I'd say they are pretty on top of things!  So, I am completely comfortable with this new change, and I am exited to meet with our new s.w. and get this process completed! 

Now onto why we have been so busy, and why it has taken so long to write a blog post:

The number one reason for me should be because of this:
However, I can't honestly say that is the real reason... for those of you who don't know... this is my study book for the financial section of the CPA exam.  I am required by work to sit for this exam, and I have signed up to take it October 1st-Please pray for me!!!  hahaha.... I have to admit, I've already failed it once.  On a positive note, that means I've already studied the material before... on a negative note, that was about a year ago (and I have a terrible memory).  There are four parts of the CPA exam and you have pass all four within 18 months of each other.  I passed the auditing section in July of last year, therefore I have until January of this year to pass the other three.  And to think, I made fun of Jason for waiting till the last minute to sit for his final part :-( 

So the real reasons we have been so busy...
Monday I went to a Discovery Toys party.  I mainly went to hang out with moms from our church and to learn about educational toys for little ones.  I had no intentions of ordering anything, but you know how those parties work :-)  There are three books sold together, "Wiggle & Move", "Touch & Tickle", and "Calm & Soothe"; and the description says, "This trio of board books offers read-along ideas for boosting baby's physical development while deepening parent-child bonds."  How perfect for an adopted child!!!  I was so excited, I couldn't help but order them... and it was only $15 for the set.  So, after our child is home and I try some of these exercises I'll blog about them and let you guys know if I like them or not (even though that may be a while).  If you want more information about Discovery Toys you can go here.

Tuesday we just hung around the house... Thanks James! (hahaha... by the way I already think it is funny!)... sorry other blog readers-inside joke.

Wednesday we drove to Atlanta for this:
With these amazing friends:
It was an awesome game...Go Braves!!!
(Thanks again Casey and Marianne-I'm pretty sure we will never be able to repay you!)

Thursday... more baseball... but, this time we only had to go a few miles to watch the game.  We got tickets through Jason's firm to see the local semi-pro team, the Macon Pinetoppers:

Friday I had to be at my cousin's wedding rehearsal at 6:00 to help out a little.  Right after the rehearsal I ran home changed and headed to the gym for some much needed treadmill time.  Our friends Andy and Jenn talked Jason into doing his first sprint triathlon, which will be August 14th, and he began training for it this past Monday... he is crazy!  I'm pretty sure I would be doing good to run one mile, but I can say one thing... I will be the best cheerleader wife he has ever had :-)  hahaha.  After the gym (at 9:00pm) we went to Bass Pro Shops, one of our favorite stores.  They had a bow give away at 9:30 and you had to be present to win (which, by the way, we didn't).  We walked around, ran into some old friends and talked for a little while, and then decided (at 10:00) to go to Waffle House for dinner, so much for working out.  We had a wonderful W.H. dinner with good conversation!!  I love how God randomly puts good Christian friends in your life (and thanks John Drew tennis classes).  
Saturday my family came into town for my cousin's wedding (yay for having family living in the same city!!!)  For once, I didn't have to leave Macon for a family event!  
The Beautiful Bride
My Mom
Thanks mom for the dress!!  I loved it!  Maybe you can just become my personal shopper, because you know if it was up to me I would wear sweat pants and t-shirts everywhere!  But hey, you were the one who raised me and allowed me to be a tomboy my whole life :-) 

One of My Brothers
Sunday was kind of crazy.  I went to church with my sister who stayed with us after the wedding, and Jason went to church with is Dad.  I then met Jason in Conyers for his great uncle's 80th birthday party.  Look how cute he is!!!
Now, it's off to bed to rest up for work bright and early in the morning!
Have a good week!!

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  1. Just wanted to so thanks again for having me and Landen. We really enjoyed it. I loved your church and I enjoyed meeting everyone. Glad we got to catch up a little. Maybe we can do it again sometime soon. Love you.