Monday, August 30, 2010

Yard Sale Results :)

Tonight Jason said, "I think Jesus must of slipped some cash into our yard sale money, because did you see all of the junk we sold; I just don't see how it could have added up to that much."  Hahaha... now I'm not saying that it's impossible for God to "slip" us some money, I mean he is God and all, but I do think He gave us the donors, the helpers, and the shoppers to help us raise WAY more than I expected.  So, just how much did we make???  We raised a little over $3,500 in one and a half days of yard selling!!! C.R.A.Z.Y.!! ! God does provide, oh my goodness, how quickly we are learning!  Friday night we started organizing and setting up all of the yard sale stuff and it started raining (the wheather man said there was only a 20% chance of rain :(  We had trailors to unload, and people were still dropping stuff off.  A few of the neighbors who knew about the adoption sale started running over bringing tarps... thank you Jesus.  We called it a night, and we all went home with the intentions of getting back over at Mrs.Kim's house around 5:30 to finish setting up.  Well... I didn't end up going to bed until around 2:30 because I stayed up talking and goofing off with my sister who came to help... and, I'm definitely NOT a morning person.  Therefore, I didn't make it back in the morning until about 6:30am, and there were already a few people shopping (with flashlights).  That is nuts!!  There was a steady stream of shoppers until a little after noon, and around 3 we started cleaning up.  We had just finished putting the tarps back on everything and moving the nicer furniture back into the garage when it started raining, perfect timing.  I don't think I've ever been so relieved as I was when my head hit my pillow last night.  And, I'm pretty sure I've never slept so hard... I was exhausted to say the least, but it was so worth it.  Today Mrs. Kim talked us into continuing the yard sale after church, and again, I am so glad we did!  We made a little over $300 today just from 1:00-5:00.  We straightened everying up (I think we are going to call the Macon Mission to come get the items that didn't sell), then headed to a friend's house for a fish fry... great way to end the weekend!!!  Here are some pictures from the sale... look at all of the stuff... every bit of it donated!  AMAZING!  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED THIS WEEKEND!!! 

Rainy Friday Night:

Saturday (look at ALL of the donations):
She isn't really for sale... at least not for $50.  She is worth way more than that.  Thanks Court for helping (she was trying to study -see the book- but, I'm pretty sure she was unproductive as far as that went)
Mrs.Kim has a salon in her basement where she cuts hair for a living (she cut mine not too long ago and I love it), so she decided to set up a hair cutting chair to help raise money for our adoption :)  She gave the cuttest baby ever, Lane, his very 1st haircut... yes... at a yard sale.  But, his momma will have a great story to tell him when he gets older.  And, him and our Ethiopian baby can be buddys.  I met Amy and Chris, Lane's mom and dad, while I was in college in Milledgeville, and now we live about 5 minutes apart! 

The most played with toy of the day... the pogo stick... and I'm pretty sure we ended up selling it because I didn't see it today when we were cleaning up.
And, last but not least, we made a "prize" item (we got the idea off of a t.v. show, but I can't remember the name of it) where whoever buys this certain, off the wall, crazy item gets a special gift.  Our prize item, decided on first thing Saturday morning, was a New Kids on the Block record.  The gift... a free hair cut by Mrs. Kim.  So who was the lucky winner???
Congratulations Amy! Hahaha.  I think Mrs. Kim was just glad it was someone she already knew :)
This picture was taken before she knew she had won.
Okay, so you get a little loopy with 2 hours of sleep, but it was still really funny!

Thanks again to everyone who helped us raise such a huge amount of money!  We love you guys!


  1. First,praise Jesus! Our God is faithful!

    Second, I would like to say that I am not old enough to like New Kids on the Block... the record is for a friend who loves them. I'm excited about the haircut!

  2. Hey now, don't be haten' on New Kids on the Block. I used to have some hot pink slippers with their picture on them.

  3. Praise the Lord for his provision! I love how faithful He is to provide for what he calls us to!

  4. That is fantastic!! I am sorry I didn't make it over to the sale but I am so glad you guys did so well!! Congratulations and thank the LORD!

  5. Who says NKOTB fans have to be old? I just went to their return concert last year! I'm still Hangin' Tough....yes, 32 years old, mother of 3...and my favorite New Kid is still Donnie:) Congrats Britney and Jason on a WONDERFUL success. God rocks!