Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun-filled Sunday

What a way to start of our week!!  Our church had an awesome first service in our new building downtown... I know a lot of people worked a ton to get this building up and running... and it was soooo worth it!  What a great place to worship, in the heart of a broken city, where no one else seems willing to go.  In a building that has been vacant for years, now a church can reach out to so many in need of the Gospel, what a BEAUTIFUL picture.

Then it was off to lunch for Jessica... we will miss you!!!  But I know you will have such amazing opportunities for God to use you to help so many people in Haiti.  We will continue praying for you and can't wait to hear stories and experiences you go through while away.

Next, it was off to the bowling alley for a little missional community (MC) competition.  Our MC definitely won for attendance... Go Josh and Meghan's MC!  Wooowhooo!  I'm glad attendance was all that mattered, because if we had to rely on my bowling skills we would have been in trouble :-)

Here was the oh so great girls team!!!
And the boys team with their crazy bowling names:  Can you guess who goes with each nickname???

And our cheerleader who liked to play in the fan on the ball return :-)

And after bowling... back to the awesome new church building to hear a few bands play.
Cory Watkins

(We love you Devon!!!  Sweet sound of success!)

Now off to bed... after such a long day we need some rest!  We have a LONG week ahead with lots of home study paperwork to fill out and fundraiser planning.  Please be praying for us, our adoption agency will be reviewing our application this week!

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  1. I vote we have another bowling night! I was stranded in N. Georgia this weekend with a blown alternator... wish I could have been there!!