Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Powerful Post... Not Mine, but the One I Mention Below:

I just want to share a link to Andrea's blog, it has been so inspiring to me during our decision to adopt.  A family in our small group told me about the blog in February when we first started talking about adopting.  Our friend's brother was Andrea's husband's college roommate... got that?  If not, it's not that important.  The important thing is that Andrea is in Ethiopia RIGHT NOW picking up her son Isaac.  Every time things get difficult during our adoption, every time we have to sacrifice to be able to afford this adoption, I really, really hope that I think about her story today, about meeting Isaac's birthmother.  It has given me so much drive to fulfill God's plan for our adoption!  Anyone who is reading our blog that is questioning why we are adopting please read Andrea's last few posts.  Then, if you still question why we have chosen to adopt an orphan from Ethiopia, then I can't help you... and you need to pray :-)  ...but for real... I don't know how anyone can question our decision after visiting this blog.  I had the priviledge of meeting Andrea and her family a few weeks ago, and I hope that after our adoption we can hang out again and have Ethiopian play dates!  Reading her blog has been such a blessing to me and Jason (yes, he reads her blog too).  Please pray they have a safe trip home and pray for Isaac to get adjusted to his forever family!

Also... I posted a video at the bottom of my blog.  It's the video that got Andrea started in her adoption process, and it's a must see.  Again... after watching the video, if you question our decision to adopt then there is something wrong with you :-)          

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