Friday, July 2, 2010

First Friday!

First Friday in Macon means a party in the downtown area.  Lots of bands play at all of the downtown restaurants, and some even start playing in the streets.  Its just a fun event to get people downtown which helps the businesses in that area.  So, we joined in tonight for our first First Friday.  Our friends Josh and Justin were playing at the Greek Corner Deli so we went to watch, listen and just hang out.  I'm now extremely tired, but it was worth it... I had fun with some of my best Macon friends!

Josh and Justin jamin' out
Elijah thriving on the attention received after making ridiculously funny faces after eating a lemon
And Robby hanging out with the Keno man... hilarious!!!
Now we have some weekend reading to do because we received this...         in the mail today!

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