Sunday, July 11, 2010

Keeping Things in Perspective & Prayer Needed!! (by Jason)

We are at the lake this weekend helping my parents look after my brother’s four children, getting a little taste of what he and his wife’s lives look like every day. I am steadily gaining a new respect for the responsibilities parents have on a daily basis. On top of the endless activity related to the ‘babysitting’ we are doing my mom asked me to help her ‘move’ a sand box. Great idea, right? Well, I shoveled the sand out of the box, got ready to move it and that’s when she tells me that the sand box is going ON the porch. 300lbs of sand in a trash can, up those steps??? How does that sound like a good idea? About two buckets full onto the porch it hit me and I remembered an email I got the other day. See below.

That got me to thinking about just how good we all have it. I wasn’t real thrilled to be ‘moving’ a sand box (I mean who moves a sand box anyways), but just how often do we lose sight of how good we as American’s really have it? On the same note, how often do we lose sight of how good we have it as citizens of God’s Kingdom? How nice is it to know that Jesus has already done ALL the work for each and every one of us and all that we have to do is accept it? Just how often do we REALLY keep things in perspective? If you are anything like I am, it is probably not very often (or at least not as often as it should be).

For me, as you can well imagine, my ‘perspectives’ on life are changing by the day. My perspectives on family life, finances, sleepless nights, sand shoveling, and what it means to be a Christian husband, son, employee, and father (someday). To say the least my world has been rocked the last few months, but Good Lord willing I will continue shoveling my way through this life I have been given; prayerfully anticipating the Revelation of Christ.

I wrote the above post late last night and don’t really know how the internet part of the Blog works so I didn’t post it (Britney usually handles that). We went to bed, and around 11:45 we got a call confirming the fact that one of Britney’s friends Mathew Elliot from GC&SU was in a bad car accident Friday and is in Critical Care at the Med Center. Mathew is a 25 year old accountant that works for another local accounting firm here in Macon, so I can relate to him personally to say the least. That call got me to thinking about what I had just written. Talk about keeping things in perspective. We take life for granted each and every day, acting like we are invincible. We move along through life with the thought that everything we have planned will work out like we want it to without regard to the reality that we are all mere mortals who live only for a short time. So PLEASE, each of you reading this take a few minutes to pray for Mathew and his recovery and also for his entire family. If you have time right now, please pray now! There is never any time to lose when someone needs prayers.

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