Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Finally Done... and We Were Accepted!

Adoption Update:  While typing the post below I got a call from our adoption agency saying they reviewed our application today and..................
We were accepted into their Ethiopia program!!!  Yay!!!  Man, if I think this is exciting I can't imagine what lies ahead!  Thank you God for placing this in our hearts!

Okay... so, I bought a dresser from the Salvation Army when we bought our house last January... a...year...and...a...half...ago.  I had this great idea to save money by buying a second hand dresser, sand it, refinish it, and antique it.  Little did I know I am not a very dedicated furniture refinisher and lacked a lot of motivation, therefore it took me way longer than intended to turn this...
into this...
But... as of last night... it is complete!!!
And, I actually like it... I wouldn't say I love it, but for the cost... I would definitely do it again.
Ahhh... my first piece of refinished furniture, done!  Now our next project, that I might be blogging about in the year 2024 (hopefully just kidding) is to paint our downstairs bathroom.  We already bought paint, and it is definitely going to be outside of our not-so-creative accounting mind set... but I will let it be a surprise. 

A little funny story from last night:
The little hardware pieces on the two doors on the dresser are held into place by little pins/nails and when I had some trouble hammering it into place I thought I would pry it back out and try again.  Well, when I pried the little, tiny, itty bitty nail back out I lost it.
I searched everywhere for it, then called Jason to search, but it was no where to be found.  After about 30 minutes of searching the floor on my hands and knees I had to use the restroom... so I gave up on my search.  When I went to wash my hands I saw this in the mirror...
    When I came downstairs to show Jason, the first thing he said was, "Let me take a picture.  You have to include this on your blog."  Hahaha... what have I gotten myself into with blogging... even Jason is thinking of our lives in "bloggable" moments.  Gotta love it!


  1. I hate that I want to comment on every single one of your posts when I don't even have an account on here haha but seriously, this one made me laugh so hard! Well just the third part. The first part is wayyy exciting and the second part is amazing, didn't know you had that in you haha what room are you going to put that in?

  2. Courntey: Hahaha... my hair is like a birds nest and things like to get stuck in it, but you should know how that is. You can comment on every single post, I would love it! I plan on putting the dresser in the bedroom upstairs because the only furniture we have up there right now is a bed.

  3. I am so excited for you two. Can't wait to see the little one God brings you! Becky

  4. Britnye, you really do crack me up. Last night Courtney was in Sterlings room on the computer and she started laughing so hard. I asked her what she was laughing at snd she told me that I would have to read it myself. I am glad I did. It is always a good thing to start the morning off with a good laugh. The dresser is amazing!!! You did a GREAT job. And, once again, I am very proud of you and Jason for being accepted. God has great plans for the 2 of you. I love you very much and I am very proud of you.

  5. The dresser is beautiful! I love it and will buy it from you for landen? jk but seriously, that looks incredible, very high class. It looks like it came straight from a celeb nursery. And I am so happy and excited for the two of you! And me of course because I will have a new niece or nephew to spoil :) The dedication ya'll have is amazing. I am so anxious, as I know ya'll are too, to hear more...
    and the nail in the hair, that's hilarious! It would be in there..can you keep looking in there because I lost one of landen's pacis the last time I saw you. haha jk.
    and if you need help painting your new project just let me know and me and landen will come stay with you for a weekend. Can't wait to see you soon :)

  6. Thanks mom, and I'm glad I could add a little humor to your day.. we love you too!

    Chelsie, I don't think Landen's paci is in my hair, but you are sooo funny. I'm glad you liked the dresser, it took long enough. And, you can definitely come any weekend to help me paint!!! Just let me know when you are available.

  7. too funny! I am so excited that things are movin forward in this adoption journey...