Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

I had an awesome weekend... celebrating Father's Day with two amazing men that I am very thankful for - my dad and Jason's dad.  Saturday night we went to the Braves game, one of my favorite things to do in the whole world, with three of my favorite people... my husband, my dad, and one of my little nephews.  We had the best seats I've ever had, and it was such a blast!!!  Thanks Casey for the tickets (just in case you or Marianne ever happen to read this) we loved it.  Below are a few of the pictures from the night:
 Me and My Dad 

Jason and Taylor hanging out & eating some of the good 'ole ballpark food.

A view from our great seats...  Taylor wanted a picture with his favorite player, Brian McCann, catching in the background.

And this afternoon we hung out with the wisest man I have ever known.  ("You may want to shake it first." & "You may want to pour the juice out of the can." Hahaha, I always appreciate a little advice... or shall we say... wisdom from a grey beard).  We loved hanging out, eating some great food, playing cards, and watching golf for Father's Day.

I love these two guys!!!

Jason and I also want to say Happy First Father's Day to Ryan... you have become an amazing dad to four beautiful children!  Josh, Landen is so lucky to have you as a dad.  I wish both of you many more wonderful father's days!

Happy Father's Day to you too Brannon... I hope it was a good one.  Thanks for letting us hang out with Taylor Saturday.  Congrats on being a dad again, even though she isn't quite ready to celebrate yet... she'll be here before you know it.
We love all of you guys!!!

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